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V8 Engine
V8 engines are very practical and popular engines that have been utilized in different kinds of trucks and cars for several years. They are easy to install, highly durable and basic in design. As the name implies, it is a v engine which has 8 cylinders. Typically the two banks of four cylinders are mounted on the crank case with all pistons driving a common crankshaft. In general two cylinder banks are set at a right angle to each other; however, sometimes they are set at somewhat narrower angle.

Leon Levavasseur in year 1902 took a patent on a light yet very powerful gasoline injected V8 engine. He called it Antoinette. After 1904, it was installed in numerous aircrafts and speedboats. In France this engine gained popularity from 1904 onward. It was utilized in various aircraft engines. Darracq in year 1905 developed special car to break the world speed record. Two racing car engines were developed on a common camshaft and crankcase. Monstrous engine with a discplacement of 1551 cubic inches was the outcome of their efforts which was very good for 200 bhp. On 30th Dcember 1905 Victor Hemery beat that record with a speed of 176.4 km/h (109.65 mph). After 1905 Rolls Royce developed a 3,535 cc v8 car. In 1914, Cadillac introduced the first mass-production automobile V8 in US.

Typically, V8 engines are only standard on extra powerful SUVs, luxury cars, muscle cars, sports car, pony cars and pickup trucks. But they are always optional on vehicles having a straight-6 or V6 as standard engine. Furthermore, V8 engines are typical in specially designed engines intended for racing cars. What makes V8 engine different from the standard engine configuration? The answer is quite simple. V in v8engine which indicates the alignment of the pistons in a V shape makes it different from others. It has two banks of four cylinders which are mounted on the single crankshaft. The two cylinder banks are perpendicular to each other. This unique design facilitates two rows of pistons for converting energy in motion on a single crankshaft. Owing to this efficient and distinct design, perfect firing of each cylinder is facilitated. In addition this design allows exceptional management of vibrations.

Even though earlier v8 engine was choice for airplane engines, it is hardly utilized in modern aircraft engine. V8 engines are also utilized in Australian motorsport. It is notably used in V8 Supercars. V8 engines have numerous advantages are utilized in various applications. If you are interested in knowing more about v8 engine or want to go for one then you can take help of various online resources for this. Lots of information is available online regarding the v8 engine rebuild. You can easily find v8 engines, v8 engine parts, cheap v8 engines, and much more by means of various online stores.  

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